Wednesday, July 23, 2008

WW - Pick me from the Dork Line-up

These are some of my buddies and I, Spring, 9th grade (circa 1988). We had a series of pictures taken as a surprise for another friend, who was moving away at the end of the school year. The pictures were custom framed in a collage and presented to her at a party given in her honor.
This was a really, really difficult thing to have happen...I grew up in the same house my parents built shortly after their marriage, the same house they still live in today. My core group of friends, with the exception of the one these pictures were done for, all stayed for the remainder of high school. The one who moved away was naturally easier to lose touch with, although several of us went to her 16th birthday party, came for visits occasionally, and eventually, attended her wedding.
This past year, I discovered that I was living and working only about 30 minutes away from this displaced friend. I decided to be brave and showed up with my business card at her office, fully intending to just leave it ,with my contact info on the back, with her receptionist. The receptionist insisted I wait to see if she was getting close to her lunch break. I'm so glad I did, because we've now reconnected. And in many ways, it feels like hardly any time at all has passed between the picture above and now.
So now for the fun: take a guess as to which one is moi. Tuli, you may have an unfair advantage, although you claim you don't remember what I look like. ;) I promise to let all of you who guess know if you're right or not.


Kathryn said...

I have no idea what you look like. None. I'll just throw a wild guess out there and say #2.

This sounds very much like me and my friends growing up. My parents (well, my mom) still live in the same house they bought 40 years ago. One of my best friends moved away when she was 16 and we don't talk all that much but when we do get back together it is like no time was lost. :)

Suzie said...

Great shot not at all dorkus..well maybe a! :)

Tuli said...

Oh God! The pressure to get this right is killing me! I'm gonna say #3 because that face looks familiar.

And pray for forgiveness if I'm wrong.

LingoVise Says... said...

This is such a wonderful story!

I did something very similar this spring. Came across an address for a very close friend I hadn't spoken to in about 10 years... We're now talking once or twice a month - like we'd never been apart.

Very cool, thanks for sharing.
I so LOVE your blog title! It rocks ;)