Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Signs that I am O-L-D...

1. I do TV guide crosswords and enjoy them, dammit.
2. I hate noise.
3. Teenagers annoy the sh*t out of me.
4. My favorite music is starting to get played on the "easy listening" stations...either that or it's the "retro lunch hour".
5. I'm cranky if I don't/can't poop.
6. I am beginning to covet the craftsmatic adjustable bed.
7. I own a pill organizer (mainly for my vitamins, but still! I OWN A PILL ORGANIZER)
8. I can appreciate antiques.
9. I bitch about the prices of gas and food.
10. Having a good stockpile of the right kind of toilet paper is extremely important to me.
11. I listen to NPR.
12. No more Limited, Abercrombie, or Express. Bring on Eddie Bauer, jjill, and LL Bean.
13. I love the Golden Girls (but COME ON, who doesn't!?!)
14. I have no idea what the allure of texting is.
15. I am not on Facebook or MySpace and couldn't care less about it.

Admit it! You know you're with me. How are you O-L-D?

1 comment:

LingoVise Says... said...

OMG! These are awesome! How true, how true.

I don't feel old... but these are all sure signs that I'm quickly reaching the brink.

for me it's Murder She Wrote
& the fact that everything creaks and cracks when I get off the floor after playing with my 2 yr old is Never a good sign.

thanks for the laugh!