Tuesday, July 22, 2008

This one is embarrassing, people. I'm hoping that someone else will come out and admit they share the same affliction.
You see, ever since I gave birth, my hormones haven't been the same...thus producing:
random, wiry chin hairs that can sprout seemingly instantly.
This causes a slight obsession. Before I go to bed at night and before I get in the shower in the morning, I must check my chin and neck - just in case one of these sneaky f*ck*rs stuck its ugly head out overnight. I carry tweezers in my purse, in my makeup bag, and in my car. Just in case. I try to (sneakily) feel my chin throughout the day and get myself to a mirror if I detect one. I don't know if people just don't notice this act, or they think I'm pensively contemplating life while I feel my face up.
They are the bane of my existence. I vow that, if I ever hit the lottery, the first thing I spend my money on is LASER HAIR REMOVAL. STAT.
Please jeer quietly. I have a fragile ego. Thank you.


Tuli said...

OMG, what kind of freak am I? I get those same random hairs but I've NOT HAD A CHILD! I, too, check for hairs during the day but I'm not smart enough to carry tweezers with me...I have to either leave them alone or try to pull them out sans tweezers. Which never works but I'm obsessed with trying.

If you win the lottery, I'd appreciate it if you would fund my laser hair removal. My upper lip is going to need regular hair removal soon, so I'll probably go ahead and get that done, too.

Kathryn said...

Yep! I have those too. I seem to have inherited them from my mom. Only she doesn't pluck her's regularly and I have to keep reminding her to pull those silly billy goat hairs. ;)
I am pretty paranoid about mine too. They are so weird!
I think I am joining in on todays confessions. I just have to write my post. Who knows how long that will take. :)

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Yep, got 'em here, too. Those and the long-ass neck hairs that you don't discover until they're two inches long. Oh, yeah.

Molly's Mom said...

Tuli: I've got you covered, chica. We'll get lasered and then hit Douglas J for a little more beautification. Sheesh, if my husband would just work a little harder, maybe I could afford it now!

Kat: Join! I forgot to put up Mr. Linky today, of course. I'll remember next week.

CMG: YES, OMG. I have those too! Isn't it horrible when you find one and you wonder how many people made fun of you during the day for the big ass neck hair? I used to have a pact with one of my good friends/(former) co-workers to tell me if she spotted one so I could immediately don tweezers...I need to find one of those at my current job ;)