Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Send thoughts...

My dad gets the results of his latest PET scan tomorrow...I'm so hoping that the results will show the cancer still being fought into submission. It sure as hell seems like it must be; he's been feeling pretty good lately, more energy, etc. So please, if anyone reads this, send good vibes our way.

In other news, I have been neck deep in tchotchke prepping for the neighborhood garage sale. I need Lava soap to get rid of the grime on my hands from digging through boxes that, well, probably haven't been looked at in 7 years or more. Sad. Wish us luck!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Various and sundry

The piano is here. It needs to be polished and tuned in a big way, plus there are a couple of sticky keys. Annoying, but it'll be taken care of. I kind of want to learn how to tune pianos.

And the Wii Fit? Too fun, but frustrating also. I don't think husband will be able to fit his enormous feet on the balance board; mine barely fit. I guess they made the board more durable to accommodate the fatness of Americans, but they forgot that we have much bigger feet as well.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I hate waiting.

Just sitting here, waiting for my piano to be delivered from my mom and dad's house. Did I mention that I HATE WAITING? Especially since I have to wait until after the delivery before I can go out and pick up my Wii Fit? And to counteract the Wii Fit, I am also awaiting a delivery of reportedly yummy goodness from Etsy. Can I just say that it is much nicer for sellers to provide some sort of shipping acknowledgment? Like, it was shipped via UPS or whatever on this date; you can expect it on this date? I shouldn't have to go searching you out. You already have my money, tell me when I get the goods, dammit.

I hate waiting.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Just a thought...

Does anyone else out there find it incredibly annoying when people mispronounce certain words? For example, I HATE when I hear the word "Reese's" (as in peanut butter cups) pronounced "Ree-seez". It should be "Ree-sez" or "Ree-siz"; there is no friggin' i in the word Reese's!! Another gem is when I hear "Jaguar" (as in the ridiculously expensive and quite honestly ugly car) pronounced "Jag-wire". It seriously makes my skin crawl. My husband mispronounces "bagel" ('a' is long as in "ape") as "bagel" (with short 'a' like "apple"). Erg. I also have a friend who says "aig" for "egg".

I'd probably enjoy life a lot more if I didn't have these neuroses hanging over my head. Anyone else?

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Slogan fun

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Yes, this is my child (seen here in an audition for her role as the bucket-headed kid in Parenthood). She and daddy left this morning for a week at my in-laws. I cried when she walked out the door.
The older she gets, the more it wrenches my heart to leave her for longer than a work day. Is this normal?

Friday, May 16, 2008

Ode to Crap

O huge pile of crap
Left untouched since moving here
You're about to go

Boxes and boxes
Up from my in-laws' basement
Make me some money
My Barbie Dream House
Circa nineteen eighty two
How I will miss you

Can you tell it's garage sale season? I only have 2-count 'em-TWO weeks to get this sh*% together. I am on a mission, make money for my long weekend in Chicago after my release from prison (AKA work).
How did I do with my first Friday Haiku?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


So I know that music can have a very powerful emotional pull...I was a music major and have way too many music memories to count. I was importing some unearthed CDs tonight and one of them happened to be Don't Tread on Me by Damn Yankees. Wow, talk about a time warp...this shoots me straight back to Fall 1992.
I was in a new relationship with the "guy next door", who taught me the allure of hair bands and the basics of football, among other things. We also shared a love of 70's rock (from our older sibs) and Looney Tunes. I know, not really great building blocks for a relationship. Whatever. ANYWAY, this album had just been released and I was listening to it ad nauseum while driving 9 hours north (through my absolute favorite part of Michigan, along the lakeshore on US 2) to visit this guy at college. I could still feel the excited butterflies in my stomach and the *ahem* aching in my loins when I listened to these songs tonight. I could feel the wind in my hair and see the sun dipping lower towards the horizon as I raced along. I could almost, almost feel myself beside him in the car while we drove further north to see the blazing fall colors that weekend--my hand on his knee, watching his profile as he drove. I could feel myself age backwards, to a time where I had no worries other than making sure I made it to class, pretending to be interested in music theory and sociology (yuck), and deciding what underwear to take on my romantic excursion north. I was so incredibly in love with this guy, more than I had ever been up to that point.
Listening to those songs tonight and being transported back in time was so...beautiful that it bordered on painful. I guess maybe part of it is grieving for my youth and for innocence. In so many ways.

Friday, May 9, 2008


From Veggie Tales: Sunday School Songs - The Misheard Lyrics

"I've got pee like a river, I've got pee like a river, I've got pee like a river in my soooooooul..."

I think her hearing may need to be checked.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Thoughts on single parenting

The husband is due to be out of town most of this month for work. We've had our first few days with this new development and I. AM. TIRED. How the hell do single parents who work full time do it?!? My fuse is short, my eyes are tired, and I just want to sit around and knit/sleep/watch TV/let drool run unchecked from my mouth if I want to, dammit! This situation may be more complicated because I work with young children (birth to 3) all day, then come home to a clingy 38 month old. And the fact that I don't enjoy cooking, or grocery shopping for that matter, doesn't help--usually that's the husband's job (hey, he knew what he was signing up for). We need to figure out a good way to plan out meals. Most of the time, I guess it's my fault that a meal plan doesn't work...I'm not always game for what's being made, so I end up having a bowl of cereal. Not really the lesson I want my daughter to learn.

Any suggestions, especially for the dinner thing? Any ideas for an easy way to efficiently grocery shop and actually have everything you need for the week on hand?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Husband for sale

Anyone else have a husband who snores? Loudly, regularly, and irritatingly? I have had almost unstoppable urges to press the pillow over his face, but then I think, wait-I don't want to be a single parent-keep it together...