Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's a darn good thing we didn't build our home from scratch...the mere thought of having to choose all the light fixtures, faucets, doors, doorknobs, etc. makes my head throb.

We've decided that having ceiling fans in the upstairs bedrooms would be a good idea. The rooms get kind of stuffy at night and it would help cut down on running the air conditioner. Do you think that I can find a fan that suits my taste, the decor, and the budget? Not a chance. I would like one that is Energy Star certified, and will reverse direction for wintertime. Those are expensive. I would like one that's white...goes with the decor better. The white ones are, in general, fugly. I would like one that is already equipped with a light, however, the lights on most of these things look like this:

Remind you of anything? Let me put it this way:

NOW does it remind you of anything? Can you see why I might not want these light fixtures on my ceiling fans?
I'm afraid I'll start lactating.


Kathryn said...

Hahaha!!!! You are hilarious!
I know just what you mean. I had a horrible time finding a ceiling fan for our kitchen. Man, those things can get expensive!

Tuli said...

I'll never look at light fixtures the same way again. Too funny!

But you wanna know what's funnier?

If the picture you posted on July 9 is your husband, then...I went to high school with your hubby (tell him "whining is punishable by death" and ask him if that transports him right back to Mr. Teare's printing class Senior year.)

And, if I'm remembering correctly, I've met YOU once or twice. :)

email me, if you'd like, at (obviously, Tuli isn't my real name. Because? Who in their right mind would name their kid that?)

Swistle said...

I know, right? Who designs these? (Answer = MEN, fer SHUR.)

A couple of years ago when we refinished our basement, I ended up with the same lights I bought for the dining room---because of the Boob Problem.