Monday, July 14, 2008

Musical past

Some friends and I were talking this weekend about the concerts we'd been to over the course of our lives, so I decided to put down the triviality for all to see. So, in the best chronological order possible, here goes:
1988...The Maiden Voyage

Oh, how I wish I had a way cooler first concert, but alas, no. It was none other than Dick Marx. And not only that, I went with a friend and her dad. Don't tell me what a dork I was, I already know. Thanks.

Number 2. You have to admit, it's way cooler than #1. My closest 5 friends and I got to go to Chicago, chauffered by a much cooler dad (and he didn't actually come to the concert with us). It was pretty damn awesome.


emember how you used to fantasize about that cute upperclassman who would never give you the time of day normally? That fateful dance where you wished he would catch your eye when "You're the Inspiration" or "Hard Habit to Break" would start to play? You know you did. Well, I saw these guys in the flesh from the 10th row, dammit. And they were FANTASTIC. I know they're old, but they can actually play instruments, which is a talent sadly lacking in modern musicians.

I also knew their older 1970s stuff, as my sister was a huge fan in those years. I was singing "Wishing You Were Here" as a toddler, when I wasn't singing stuff from the Carpenters.

Yep! Damn Yankees. The band that opened for them? Jackyl. Anyone familiar with Jesse James Dupree and Jackyl? Anyway, I went with a friend of mine who was experiencing a slight identity crisis. She had a short, bilevel hairdo and wore Nike tracksuits a lot. As a matter of fact, she wore one to this very concert. Didn't fit in well with the big hair, skintight ripped acid washed jeans, and flannel shirts. She had one thing in common with the other concertgoers, though: a tacky tattoo. Me? I probably wore my standard preppy looking outfit with socks that matched my shirt. Probably. I don't remember though.

Oh yes, I did. Vince Neil opened for them at Pine Knob north of Detroit (stupidly named DTE Energy Music Theater now) while it POURED rain (we, of course, had lawn "seats"). Vince sucked, by the way. The crowd was actually cheering for him to get off stage and chanting for Eddie. As soon as he left the stage? Stopped raining. Gorgeous sunset. This was probably 15 years ago (!) and I still remember that phenomenon. As much as I would've liked to see them with Diamond Dave, the Sammy years were good, too. I wouldn't have been old enough to see them with Dave anyway.

The ex and I went to see these guys. Good concert, weird ending. They had men dressed up in fruit suits (think old Fruit of the Loom commercials), dancing around the stage. Someone had a little too much hooch to think that up. We were slightly dumbstruck by it.

At this point, it's apparent that the influence on my musical tastes were influenced pretty strongly by older sibs, right? Although Foreigner had some hits in the mid 80s when I was at my most impressionable (aka puberty). I loved, and will still crank up "That Was Yesterday". Not sure why I like that song so much, but it's always been my favorite of theirs. At this particular concert, Lou Gramm was not sounding so hot. Serious vocal damage happened to that man, and it was sooo very evident. Oh well. At least I had a real seat this time.

I was with a sorority sister of mine when we heard the ad for this concert: "Steve Perry, singing all your old Journey favorites". We screamed in unison and decided then and there that we MUST. GO. And go we did. He sounded great, still rocked the mullet. Our other sisters were grateful that we'd stopped singing "Wheel in the Sky" in the bathroom. What can I say? The acoustics in the community bathrooms were the best.

And then several years passed where I either didn't go to any concerts, or I don't remember what I went to. Who knows? After I got married, at least I'm pretty sure it was after, husband and I went with a childhood friend of mine who also lived in the area. Steve Augeri was the frontman and from the lawn, he looked JUST LIKE STEVE P. And not only did he look like him, but he SOUNDED like him too! I'm still loyal to the first Steve, but this guy was a great knockoff...kind of like those fake Coach purses you can buy at flea markets.
Getting closer to present day...(and hating Blogger's picture formatting. Either it sucks or I suck at using it.)
<------We saw this guy a couple summers ago. They were touring with Chicago and both sets were A.W.E.S.O.M.E. There were 4 couples in our group and we had a phenomenal time. Some drunk dude scared the crap out of me; I had turned around to talk to someone and when I turned back around, this guy was right in my face and screamed "DO YOU LOVE HUEY?" while flashing the devil hands (which just doesn't seem quite appropriate for HL&TN). I think I screamed a little, then mustered up some little "Woohoo!", which apparently satisfied him because he high fived me and left me alone.
And most recently:
last fall, nosebleed seats at the Palace of Auburn Hills - great show! I've started getting M to listen to them and she was actually singing along to "Misunderstanding" last week. She really is my daughter!
We also have plans to end the summer with another Huey know, he looks pretty good for an old dude. I sort of dig the blue tinted glasses for some reason.
I almost forgot one!
County Fair, circa 1993. The scent of manure in the air. Chickens squawking in the background. "Devil Went Down to Georgia". A perfect end to a summer night. 'Nuff said. I challenge anyone to say they turn this song off when it comes on the radio - you know you crank it up and pretend you're Johnny!
What's the best concert you've been to?


Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Hmmmm, let me think. Bon Jovi (1986), Dirty Dancing (1988 - yes, there was a Dirty Dancing concert - shut up). Then, it's all a jumble, but after college, we have Sting, Live, Spin Doctors and Jimmy Buffet.

Thanks for the list, hon!

Kathryn said...

Your concerts are way more impressive than mine! Mine are more like, NKOTB, Janet Jackson, REO Speedwagon, Brian McKnight, Prince, Beastie Boys, U2 (So good!), and a few others that I just can't think of off the top of my head.
AND, I still LOVE Richard Marx! I don't care how nerdy he is, he is a fabulous writer! LOVE HIM! So there!
And, Chicago??? I used to lie out on the beach on Lake Michigan and listen to their greatest hits crying over my ex. Duh! Everyone loves them! They are the perfect slit-my-wrists band. ;)