Thursday, September 25, 2008


Snoopy dancing idea courtesy of Tuli :)

I let out a proverbial HUGE sigh of relief earlier today. My dad can take a break from chemo; the scan showed nothing new! Actually, I guess nothing lit up besides his sternum -which was something that showed up in the very beginning as well, but the oncologist we saw at large midwestern university said she wasn't convinced it was anything since he'd just had heart stents placed. So we'll take it!!!

And in other good news, we CLOSE ON OUR OLD HOUSE Friday afternoon!!!!!!

I'm celebrating this weekend. Celebrating EVERYTHING.

Thanks for all your thoughts...I'm not sure it's possible to convey how much they are/were appreciated! *Hugs*


Tuli said...

Yippee! Snoopy dances for everyone!

So very very glad your dad's results were good. I'm sure it was a huge weight lifted from the whole family.

And closing on your house?! Fantastic!

Kathryn said...

Yay! So much wonderful news! And so much to celebrate!!!!!