Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday morning randomness

  • I am so. glad. the rain is OVER. Three days of constant rain - and I literally did not see it stop once over the last two days - is too damn much.
  • It is not easy to entertain a three year old when it is raining for that many days straight. Over the weekend. How do you people with more than one kid do it?!? Unless they entertain each other...
  • I am also glad I don't live along the Gulf Coast. Yep. Hurricanes and Big Bugs were the deal breaker for me.
  • I hope the aftermath of Ike is better than Katrina and that cleanup is faster.
  • As much as I love Chicago, I'm also glad I don't live there right now. Ick.
  • I swear I'm filing for divorce if I have to unball my husband's socks one more time.
  • My husband is, well, to put it bluntly, a p-i-g pig.
  • I decided to try out my new Sonicare UV Sanitizer on our toothbrushes. I took the brush head off my toothbrush, and it was fine save for a little bit of dried paste gunk. My husband's? Well, the man can't brush his teeth without slobbering all down the handle of his toothbrush, and when I took the brush head off? OMG. I thought I was going to vomit. I can't even describe what I saw. I made him come up and clean it out himself. He acted like it was no big deal. Sometimes I really hate him.
  • Another thing I hate? The hand lotion/nail buffer people who accost you from their mall kiosk. I think I mentioned this before, which shows you just how much I can't stand them.
  • Why did I have to choose to live in a town that has absolutely NO OTHER option for phone service except their rinky dink local phone company? I mean, I think I may be living in the last part of the US that does not have Gigondous Phone Company as an option. This town has a state university in it! And for internet? I have a whopping two choices. TV? Yep, basically two choices, unless I go back to Direct TV. I just might. I hate Charter.
  • I really don't feel like working this week. But I'd probably get bored staying home too.
  • I really want this house thing to be OVER. We've been trying to get in touch with the bank that holds the equity line to see what they say, but the ONLY APPARENT PERSON WHO DEALS WITH THESE SALES was out of town. AGAIN. How, might I ask, does a huge bank that is merging with an even bigger bank in a very large midwest town have only ONE PERSON on this type of thing? What a load of crap.

Here's hoping I get happier soon. Thanks for reading -

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