Thursday, September 4, 2008

Embarrassing Moment Thursday

I love me a good embarrassing moment story. My husband has several (that I bring up to him repeatedly), which I will certainly share in the future. I'd like to say I'm perfect, but, well, I know that's complete and utter BS.

This is one of my stories that inevitably gets brought up when I'm with my childhood friends.

As a teenager, I was blessed with facial skin that was pretty clear. I rarely had pimples. But oh, when I did get one, it was usually a monster. And this one was the mother of monstrous pimples. This was a ZIT. And a zit that was in a most unfortunate place - the crevice right beside my know the area. Yep. Touch it, and your eyes water like Niagara Falls. This one was so big, my friend's mom actually said, "Honey, that thing needs a name."

She dubbed it Regina, and Regina lives on in infamy.

I tried my best to hide Regina from view. Concealer really didn't do much, it only caked on the surface and further accentuated the large, forming head. But since nobody really ever commented on it (besides my wonderful and supportive girlfriends), I started to think that it wasn't that awful. I mean, it hurt like a bitch, but maybe it wasn't that visible since it was in the crevice of my nose. I just wanted her to develop a damn HEAD already so I could pop her!

So one day I'm sitting in choir. A lull comes up in the room as we were (supposed to be) studying our parts for whatever. I felt a sneeze coming on and tried to stifle it, but instead of stifling it, I managed to loudly project the air out through my lips, which made a really huge buzzing noise (anyone who plays a brass instrument probably knows this noise).

From the back of the room, I hear, "it popped!". Then, laughter, as the room openly mocked my zit. Ouch. It was mainly good natured ribbing, but I was still mortified.

So there you have it. Regina. The bitch that dug just a little bit more into my teenage self-esteem. Enjoy your laughter at my expense!


Kathryn said...

No. Way.


That is hilarious!!!

I mean...

not funny. Not funny at all.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Oh, my! That's just... I would have cried but that is just too funny!