Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Reason #5,609 that I don't live on the Gulf Coast


I'm not sure whether to be pissed for the people that evacuated or what. I mean, after what happened with Katrina, why would you want to take the chance? Wouldn't you rather "the authorities" made you leave than run the risk of dealing with major flooding again?

And do these people pay more for their homeowner's insurance? I have to say that they probably should...if you choose to live in an area that's below sea level, you should pay higher premiums. Sorry if you happen to run into my blog and don't agree, but that's the reason I live in my upper midwest state. I used to pay more than double what I pay now, simply because I used to live in the same county in which Detroit was also in. Even though my old neighborhood was perfectly safe, with very little crime, both my car and my home insurance were insanely expensive.

And speaking of that home, the bank has accepted the potential buyer's offer, and the buyer has agreed to wait for all the paperwork b.s. to be taken care of. We just need to find out if they've contacted the holder of the equity loan yet and if they'll let some money go for the buyer's closing costs (which he asked us to pick up). I feel like we need a lawyer, but I don't want to pay a bazillion dollars just to get some advice! I can't tell you how many times I've given advice to people once they find out I'm a speech pathologist...for free! So any lawyers out there want to trade advice - got a late talking kid or one with articulation issues? ;-)


Kathryn said...

My hubby and I were just talking about this because we are considering putting an offer on a house.

My hubby would HIGHLY recommend you hire a lawyer. Most lawyers will do this kind of thing on an hourly basis and it shouldn't be too costly. Lawyers also do free consultations to let you know how much they would charge. I'd look into it.

As far as Katrina goes I think it is MUCH better to be safe than sorry. I'm SO GLAD it pretty much missed NO this time. Those people need a break from all this crap!

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Beach houses? I would own one in a second, knowing the risks, if I could afford it. Living in a city that's below sea level? I wouldn't live there in a million years because eventually there would be a cluster of bad storm years (like, right now) and it wouldn't be worth it. Better to visit as a tourist.