Thursday, September 11, 2008


1 year ago, I was settling into my new home and job.
5 years ago, I was a new Master's graduate.
10 years ago, I was a newlywed.
15 years ago, it became legal for me to have an alcoholic beverage.
20 years ago, I got my driver's license (holy crap).
30 years ago, I was just starting first grade.

No offense to the rest of you who share these milestones, but


(7 years ago, I was sleeping in on a day off when I found out about the unspeakable acts of violence being committed on our country. I will always think of those people and families that were forever changed that day. Doesn't that really include all of us?)

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Kathryn said...

You are NOT old!
So, it is your birthday then? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!