Monday, September 22, 2008


So husband is taking Molly with him this week when he works out of town, so she can see her grandparents. Normally, this is pretty okay with me, although it's getting harder and harder the older she gets - I miss her TONS.

This week? I'm nervous.

I'm always a little on edge the weeks that my dad gets results of his quarterly PET scans. Up to this point, the results have been positive, meaning that the damn cancer is being beaten back. The reason I'm extra nervous this time is because he's only been getting one of the chemo meds - the platinum based stuff has been stopped for now, because his creatinine levels have been slightly higher than they should be. This means his kidneys haven't been as productive as they should be; which is actually pretty normal for someone of his age. But it also means that it's not good to further tax his kidneys with the platinum meds.

So the fact that he's only had one type of med coupled with the fact his kidney counts haven't been great make me scared. Scared that his body is starting to say "enough". And I'm scared that, without the platinum, the damn c will move.

On the plus side, he's happy his hair has started to grow back, and he seems to feel pretty good.

Keep fingers crossed for us.

On another positive note, we have a tentative date for closing on our old house. Next Monday. We are just waiting for a verdict from the second mortgage lender.


Tuli said...

Fingers crossed for your Dad! Hope all is well.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Darlin', I'll keep you and your dad in my thoughts!