Monday, August 11, 2008

Vacay Day One - A Photo Essay (if I don't get totally irritated by formatting issues)

We got on this:

It was not smooth sailing until we got closer to Milwaukee, so husband and daughter got a dose of this:

I survived without it. Wonder woman!

Land ho! This is where all the seasick people who were lying on deck got up and cheered. It was windy as hell but felt awesome.

After unloading the cars, we went to look for some lunch. Since our GPS was actually unpacked, we were in charge of finding sustenance. For some reason, my GPS got totally whacked out in Wisconsin. It told us there was an Applebee's where there was, in fact, a dead-end street. This was the first of several dozen times that I wanted to chuck the TomTom out the window. Thankfully, there was a Honeybaked Ham deli place around the corner.

After lunch, we went here:

and my cheap dutch self was glad because we had reciprocal zoo passes and got in for free (although $10 for parking seemed a bit steep).
My child so desperately wanted money to use these freaky "foot massagers". Cheap parental unit made her be satisfied with just sitting for a photo op. I did think one of those might come in handy for mommy. *wink wink*

My husband loves to (try to) take those cheesy hold-the-camera-at-arm's-length-to-get-a-cute-shot photos. This was my defense:
I don't do cutesy very well. Is it that obvious?

After the zoo, we checked into the hotel and let the guys go out on their man-date while the children went to bed. Let me tell you, it's an exciting evening sprawling out in the dark on one of two double beds while your kid sleeps on the other at 8 p.m. TG I had my book light and my copy of Time Bandit. The guys went here, where my husband had the "best. brat. ever." (which, I can attest, equals worst. farts. ever.):

And, since the male half of our vacation buddies loves to visit breweries, they went here:
and here:

And that ends Day One. More to come. Can you stand the suspense?


Tuli said...

Those foot massagers crack me up!

What is it about red neon that looks so fantastic in night-time pictures? I love the Water Street Brewery sign.

Kathryn said...

Ah Water Street! That is my old stomping grounds!
I love the pic of you and hubby. :)