Friday, August 22, 2008


I just finished reading "Loving Frank" by Nancy Horan. If you haven't heard of it, crawl out from under your rock it's about this Illinois housewife's affair with Frank Lloyd Wright. I really didn't have any expectations, other than it was highly praised and in that Bookmarked thing by Target. I saw it at the Taliesin gift shop when we stopped by there on our way to the House on the Rock. I didn't even peek at the end of the book like I sometimes do.

Oy. I almost wish I had peeked, so I knew what was coming. Suffice it to say that it did NOT end well, and I don't just mean that they broke up. I finished the book late at night, reading by booklight. Freaked me right the hell out.

I won't say any more, just in case the three of you who read this regularly want to read it for yourselves. ;-) It really was a good book, though.

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Tuli said...

Oooh! I'll have to add that to my reading list. (I'd heard of it but not heard anything about it.)

We stopped by Taliesin West when we were in AZ last year and I was charmed by the place.