Thursday, June 26, 2008

I am absolutely obsessed

with this show.

I've watched it before and liked it, but lately? I am CRAZY obsessed. I think I may actually need to buy the DVDs, and there are very few shows I will spend that kind of money on. Here are my latest questions/observations:
  • I can't decide who my favorite captain is. This is bothersome to me for some reason, like I am obligated to pick a favorite.
  • The Hillstrands? What is up with the lineup of oldest, next oldest, youngest, etc.? Andy and...the blonde one look the youngest, but apparently the youngest is Neil. Huh? Hard living does wonders for your looks, apparently. I like these guys, though. Watching 'After the Catch' about brotherhood, I cried like Little House on the Prairie while they talked about passing where their dad was buried, paying tribute to him on the boat, and then they talked about how THEY buried him themselves! Made his coffin and buried him with cigarettes and a Louis L'Amour book. Unbelievable.
  • WTF happened with Phil? Was that a radiology tech giving him this information - like "this didn't happen on the boat,". Did the show want her to do that for dramatic value? If you're not a radiologist, honey, don't be making a diagnosis. And now the teaser for next week is suggesting that Phil won't be able to work on the boat anymore...
  • Don't mess with Captain Keith. He'll kick your ass.
  • I love when they prank each other.
  • I'm kind of sad that women can't participate in the "brotherhood" thing at this level. I don't mean in a physical sense, more like in camaraderie (that spelling just does not look right, but M-W says it is). Women just connect with each other differently than guys (duh). I love my girlfriends, but I also loved hanging around with guy was fun to watch the "giving of hell", so to speak. Maybe that's part of the reason I l-o-v-e this show.
  • Is each TV season comprised of both King Crab and Opilio seasons? How long are the crab seasons...a week? Two weeks?

I feel better now that I've written those out. I welcome fresh insight!


Kathryn said...

That is hilarious! We love that show too! I think Sig and his bro are my favorite. Love them! But then again I like all the brothers too. Especially, like you said, when they start talking about their dad. And I like Phil and his sons, too. Oh, forget it, I like them all.
I think Phil has cancer. Don't you? :(

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

I love the Hansen brothers. Messed up, those boys are. Each TV season consists of king then opillio and the crab seasons themselves consist of a month or more. They used to be just days long when it was a free-for-all with a shit-ton of boats. Now? Just a few boats with quotas.

And if Phil doesn't have cancer? It'll be a miracle.

Jenn said...

My husband is hooked on this one too. I try to be busy with some thing when I see him select it on our DVR. Just not my thing. :)