Tuesday, November 11, 2008


You guys, I have never been into this show in the past, but I am SO. GLAD. that Amy C. did the right thing tonight and split up a purely evil team. She doesn't deserve to be part of that piece of crap blue team. I'm just bummed out it wasn't Vicky the b**ch. I can't even write that much about it, it makes my blood absolutely boil. I was so happy tonight to find that other people loathe Vicky as much as I do - I found Tivo Mom and her band of readers.

And now the rest of you know how vindictive I am inside...except that, if you watch the show, you'll know that I'm actually for the "good guys".

Thank you, Amy C.! I'm very proud you're a Michigander!

And in my own weight loss? Down 5.4 lbs this week...yay!


Kat said...

No! No, no, no!!!! I can't read this! I had to DVR tonight's episode and I haven't seen it yet!!!! ACK!!!

Kat said...

Over 5 pounds in one week???? WOW! Great job! :)

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Congrats on losing 5.4! I'm up to running 1.5 miles every morning. And as far as watching stuff we normally don't watch? I'm addicted to the train wreck that is "Real Housewives of Atlanta." Ugh.

Kat said...

Okay, I just watched the episode. YAY AMY!!!!! Woohoo!!! She is not only right in what she did, she is smart too. You know the blue team wouldn't have thought twice about sending her home if it was her against any of the others on the blue team in the bottom 2.

Man, is that Vicky a crazy bi-otch or what??? Did you see the coming attractions for next week? She is a bi-otch from hell. Man. That is just pure evil!

I love Biggest Loser. It is one of my must sees. :)