Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another 5 pounds down, and I still hate Vicky

So Amy totally went against everything I thought she'd learned...and after Vicky called her a backstabbing b*tch all week long. She should know that as soon as V gets a chance, she'll vote her ass off without blinking. Oh well, I guess she'll learn soon enough. I swear, if Vicky wins this whole thing, I refuse to watch any more seasons of this.

I've been slightly more MIA lately, and I apologize. It's not easy to keep up regularly with everything else (work) going on (child). I've been on Facebook, which is pretty cool...I've found many people from my past and may even meet up with one in the windy city soon! Tomorrow, I leave for Chicago with 3 co-workers...we are heading to our national conference and not coming back until Sunday morning! I've spent the last few days doing laundry, packing here and there, finishing reports, chiseling away at the fall growth on my legs, etc. And then - holy crap - it's Thanksgiving! What happened? I hope that the weekend doesn't totally derail my diet...I'd hate to undo what amazingness just happened over the past 2 weeks!

I'm going to try to write more often, especially during my school breaks, but after the new year in particular. I hope all y'all are well!


Tuli said...

5 more pounds! Woot!

Have fun in Chicago. :)

Kat said...

I know! I was so mad at Amy for not kicking Vicki off. DUH!!!!
Congrats on the 5 pounds! That is awesome!

Hope you had a great time in Chicago and a wonderful Thanksgiving!