Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Nothing to do with the election, folks. Just a "public" declaration that I am officially back to Weight Watcher meetings. I was always a Saturday morning kinda girl - get up, drop the kids off at the pool (if you know what I'm sayin'), then go weigh in and stay for the meeting. Now? It's 5:30 on a weekday, and at a church - not at an actual WW building - but the meeting is super close to my house. Hopefully, that'll encourage me to go consistently. I'm hoping to find a kindred spirit (recognize the literary reference anyone?) that I can do some walking with. While it's nice to be solitary sometimes, it's always better with a friend.

So now that at least a few people know about it, I will feel slightly more accountable.


Kat said...

I love that you prefaced your post with "nothing to do with the election". Hahaha! Love that.

Good luck with the WW. I hear it really works. :)

Tuli said...

If I've gotten the reference correct, you need a real-live kindred spirit, Anne-with-an-e. Not a window-friend that disappears when the drunk guy breaks the glass. You need a Diana.

Please tell me you're referring to Anne of Green Gables. While I never read the book, I used to be able to recite the movie.

Good luck with the WW thing. I need to do something like that but I too only have window-friend kindred spirits.

Kimberly said...

Good luck with it! I know there is nothing like public scrutiny to hold my feet to the fire.