Sunday, October 12, 2008

So Proud

My child surprised me twice this weekend-

The first surprise was when she wrote her name for the first time - WOW. I never anticipated getting so excited over something like that. But it was huge!

The next surprise was when I tried to have her write the word cat. I wrote it down, as seen above, for her to copy. What she did was draw what you see above the word cat. Isn't that the most adorable thing EVER?

I've been a little MIA the past few days. I'm working on possibly opening up my junior high diary and recopying some of those embarrassing little gems, idea courtesy of Swistle and Mortified. I also have tomorrow and Tuesday off, which is new this school year (hallelujah) and will be heading to Chi-town tomorrow with a good friend, a la Ferris Bueller. Minus the greasy parking structure dude and the awesome convertible. We're first checking out the Field Museum where they are having a very cool promotion - Target Second Mondays. Free admission to everything! Then, probably to browse at the American Girl Store. Yay!!!

See y'all Tuesday!


Tuli said...

Ooh! Have FUN in Chicago.

Tuli said...

And Molly's cat drawing is adorable. You should blow that up and put it on a t-shirt for her. :)