Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Thoughts on single parenting

The husband is due to be out of town most of this month for work. We've had our first few days with this new development and I. AM. TIRED. How the hell do single parents who work full time do it?!? My fuse is short, my eyes are tired, and I just want to sit around and knit/sleep/watch TV/let drool run unchecked from my mouth if I want to, dammit! This situation may be more complicated because I work with young children (birth to 3) all day, then come home to a clingy 38 month old. And the fact that I don't enjoy cooking, or grocery shopping for that matter, doesn't help--usually that's the husband's job (hey, he knew what he was signing up for). We need to figure out a good way to plan out meals. Most of the time, I guess it's my fault that a meal plan doesn't work...I'm not always game for what's being made, so I end up having a bowl of cereal. Not really the lesson I want my daughter to learn.

Any suggestions, especially for the dinner thing? Any ideas for an easy way to efficiently grocery shop and actually have everything you need for the week on hand?

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