Monday, May 19, 2008

Just a thought...

Does anyone else out there find it incredibly annoying when people mispronounce certain words? For example, I HATE when I hear the word "Reese's" (as in peanut butter cups) pronounced "Ree-seez". It should be "Ree-sez" or "Ree-siz"; there is no friggin' i in the word Reese's!! Another gem is when I hear "Jaguar" (as in the ridiculously expensive and quite honestly ugly car) pronounced "Jag-wire". It seriously makes my skin crawl. My husband mispronounces "bagel" ('a' is long as in "ape") as "bagel" (with short 'a' like "apple"). Erg. I also have a friend who says "aig" for "egg".

I'd probably enjoy life a lot more if I didn't have these neuroses hanging over my head. Anyone else?

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Ok, Where Was I? said...

I love bitchy and ranty. I do have a couple, from one friend actually. She says arthur for author and pin for pen. I know it shouldn't matter. But I get annoyed.