Wednesday, April 30, 2008


After my daughter was born, my mother came out to stay with us. As first time parents, we were naturally a little overwhelmed and afraid of this tiny infant. She was a fussy baby and basically only slept when in her swing or lying on someone's chest. Many, many nights, that someone was my mom. I would come downstairs bleary eyed to nurse, and there my mom would be, semi-reclined on the end of the couch with Molly on her chest. I chided her, telling her that Molly needed to learn how to sleep in her crib...but she insisted that husband and I needed sleep and not to worry about it.

In my younger days, I was all exasperated sighs and attitude toward my mom. She was HOPELESSLY old-fashioned and clearly did not understand me or what it meant to be a kid. I am ashamed at how I treated her, because what is clear is that she knows oh-so-well how to love unconditionally and perfectly. The proof is in her four children, 12 grandchildren, and 56 years of marriage.

This picture was taken at my childhood home, the first time Molly traveled to see the rest of my family. As you can see, Grandma's heart is where she lives. She still does. And so do I.

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