Tuesday, April 29, 2008

100 Things. Yes, I know it's a cop-out.

1. I became a mom in 2005.
2. My daughter was fussy for the first 5 months of her life.
3. I haven’t decided if I’m going to have another kid.
4. I am still amazed at how awesome my kid is.
5. She looks like me.
6. Poor child.
7. I’m a WOHM and need to be.
8. I’m a better mommy when I get out of the house.
9. I will be married 10 years this summer.
10. My mom was 39 and dad was 42 when I was born.
11. My siblings were 19, 14, and 10.
12. I am currently 35.
13. I was a surprise baby.
14. I’m a control freak.
15. I’m shy around new people.
16. Some people may mistake that for snobbery.
17. But I can be snobbish.
18. I HATE spiders.
19. I was a band geek.
20. And a choir geek.
21. I was a music major for 2 years.
22. I have a Master’s Degree.
23. My husband and I met online.
24. Not through a dating site, through an AOL Twentysomething chat room.
25. I love to read.
26. I read ANYWHERE I can.
27. I need a hobby besides working.
28. I don’t drink coffee.
29. I have a particular affinity for Cherry Coke Zero.
30. I still have childhood friends.
31. I have a dry, sometimes raunchy sense of humor.
32. I think poop and fart jokes are funny.
33. I have 3 cats.
34. My name is more commonly used for boys.
35. I get a lot of crap for that.
36. I love 80s music.
37. I also love 80s movies.
38. I covet miniature things.
39. I (we) moved across my state last August.
40. I (we) still own 2 houses. It sucks.
41. I can wiggle my ears.
42. If my husband and I are going somewhere together, I MUST drive.
43. My dream job? Dolphin trainer.
44. I love doing the TV Guide crosswords.
45. I want to see the Northern Lights.
46. I like to rollerblade.
47. I live 15 miles from Lake Michigan.
48. I wear a size 9.5 or 10 shoe.
49. Mmmm…new shoes.
50. I taught 4th grade for a year.
51. In a charter school.
52. It wasn’t the best year of my life.
53. I see a therapist every other week.
54. My dad has esophageal cancer.
55. He’s doing pretty well right now.
56. I was a daddy’s girl. Still am, a little.
57. I am half Dutch, half German.
58. I want to practice yoga on a regular basis.
59. I’ve had acupuncture and loved it.
60. I’m going to try gardening this year.
61. I don’t have an especially green thumb.
62. My first car was a powder blue 1979 Chrysler LeBaron.
63. It was my father’s “drive to work” car.
64. My first “all mine” car was a 1986 Pontiac Grand Am.
65. I would love to learn how to play the cello.
66. I can play the tenor and bass recorders.
67. I started piano lessons when I was 5.
68. I taught myself to read at age 2 ½ (according to my family).
69. I am an excellent speller.
70. I have lots of pet peeves:
71. Bad grammar;
72. Bad teeth;
73. Chipped nail polish.
74. I don’t wear nail polish.
75. I would be a really bad hand model.
76. I can’t stand feet.
77. Thinking about things having to do with feet makes bile rise in my throat.
78. I love museums.
79. Especially Natural History museums.
80. I am attracted to dark haired, dark eyed men.
81. My husband is neither.
82. He realizes this.
83. Actually, my husband is bald.
84. I get overwhelmed easily.
85. I am generally cheap.
86. But I love to shop.
87. I love a good outlet mall.
88. I miss living in Ann Arbor.
89. I don’t miss the traffic in Southeast Michigan.
90. I miss being close to Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s.
91. I love cereal.
92. I have it for lunch or dinner sometimes.
93. I don’t put sugar on my non-sugar cereal.
94. I didn’t like peanut butter as a kid.
95. I like it now, but with apples or bananas, not on sandwiches.
96. I will also eat it on toaster waffles.
97. I can’t wear contact lenses.
98. I don’t like things touching my eyes, including my own fingers.
99. I am starting to get into antique things a little.
100. I can’t believe I finished!

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